Articles scientifiques

A Necessary but Insufficient Condition for the Stochastic Binary Choice Problem


Journal of Mathematical Psychology

1990, vol. 34, pp.371-392

Départements : Economie et Sciences de la décision, GREGHEC (CNRS)

A Note on Verisimilitude and Relativization to Problems


Erkenntnis. An international Journal of Analytic Philosophy

1990, vol. 33, pp.391-396

Départements : Economie et Sciences de la décision, GREGHEC (CNRS)

This note aims at critically assessing a little-noticed proposal made by Popper in the second edition ofObjective Knowledge to the effect that verisimilitude of scientific theories should be made relative to the problems they deal with. Using a simple propositional calculus formalism, it is shown that the relativized definition fails for the very same reason why Popper's original concept of verisimilitude collapsed-only if one of two theories is true can they be compared in terms of the suggested definition of versimilitude

Inequalities for predictive ratios and posterior variances in natural exponential families

I. Olkin, M. SCARSINI, J. Kadane

Journal of Multivariate Analysis

1990, vol. 9, pp.275-285

Départements : Economie et Sciences de la décision

On the Order of Eliminating Dominated Strategies

I. GILBOA, E. Kalai, E. Zemel

O.R. Letters

1990, vol. 9, pp.85-89

Départements : Economie et Sciences de la décision, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Stochastic ordering for permutation symmetric distributions

M. SCARSINI, M. Shaked

Statistics & Probability Letters

1990, vol. 9, n°3, pp.217-222

Départements : Economie et Sciences de la décision

In this paper the meaning of the stochastic ordering relation is studied when the random vectors which are compared are assumed to be permutation symmetric. It is shown that in order to establish the stochastic ordering relation between two such random vectors it is enough to consider only upper sets which are symmetric, rather than all upper sets. Further results for such bivariate random vectors are also given. Some comments regarding stochastic ordering of general random vectors and of vectors of order statistics are also included. Some applications are described