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Oil: Betting on Prices after the "Big Drop"



Staying West or Turning East? A New Greek Tragedy



This case invites participants to explore three strategic options that Athens has in the wake of renewed economic and political tensions within the EU and the reelection of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.
The first option is to rebuild stronger ties with the EU - an option that the United States, the world's first power, seems to privilege.
The second option is to look east, towards Moscow and/or even Beijing, in order to reduce the country's dependence on the EU.
The third option is to look for a third way by leveraging the country's unique assets and refining its true value proposition in the 21st century.
The case considers which of these options would put a definite end to the Greek tragedy.

Mots clés : Greece, EU, business and government, shared value, geopolitics, EU debt crisis, reinvention, differentiation, creative destruction, strategic foresight, long, term strategies, prisoner's dilemma

The Days after Tomorrow: North Korea Has Fallen A, B, C, D



This case is a war game, based on a fictional scenario that describes the fall of the North Korean regime and its political, economic and business consequences in the region and beyond. Participants adopt the point of view of a specific actor (like a company, a non-state actor or a foreign government) of their or their instructor's choosing. Participants need to identify opportunities and risks in a very unstable political and business context and to adapt their approach as the scenario unravels.

The scenario is divided up into four distinct sequences. For each day, participants are asked to develop a response and a strategy in the wake of the new regional architecture. Depending on the game structure that the instructor chooses, there may be debriefing sessions between each sequence, leading participants to react not only to the scenario but to the approaches taken by fellow participants as well.

Mots clés : Strategy; General management; Geopolitics; North Korea; Long, term planning; Strategic foresight; International business; Crisis management; Risk; Uncertainty; Asia; Leadership; Vision

The Economics of Amazon



This case explores the microeconomic determinants of Amazon's success as well as the market forces that can potentially undermine the firm's development in the future. So far, Amazon's ever-changing business model has allowed the company to continuously adapt to new market dynamics and new business realities. Whether this will be the case in the future depends on Amazon's ability to adapt to new competitive challenges and to clear current and future regulatory hurdles.

Mots clés : Managerial Economics; Microeconomics; Creative destruction; Amazon; Alibaba; GAFA; Too big to fail; Antitrust; New entrant; Competition policy; Wal, Mart


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