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An Integrated Model of Waste Management Behavior: A Test of Household Recycling and Composting Intentions


Environment and Behavior

septembre 1995, vol. 27, n°5, pp.603-630

Départements : Informations Systems and Operations Management

This study examines the antecedents of recycling and composting intentions in the context of an integrated waste management behavior model. This model incorporates a wide variety of important factors from previous research on environmental behavior. The theory of planned behavior provides a theoretical framework to integrate these factors. The model was tested using both recycling and composting data from a sample of more than 700 individuals. Overall, the results suggest that this model fits the data well, helping to explain intentions to engage in recycling and composting

Assessing IT Usage: The Role of Prior Experience


MIS Quarterly

décembre 1995, vol. 19, n°4, pp.561-570

Départements : Informations Systems and Operations Management

Mots clés : IT usage, user experience, Technology Acceptance Mode

A variety of models that incorporate attitudinal, social, and control factors have been advanced to explain IT usage (e.g., Davis, 1989; Davis, et al., 1989; Hartwick and Barki, 1994; Mathieson, 1991; Moore and Benbasat, 1991; Thompson, et al., 1991), of which the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1989) is the most well known. One goal of such models is to develop diagnostic tools to predict information systems acceptance and facilitate design changes before users have experience with a system (Davis, 1989). However, empirical tests of these models have generally focused on either systems that were already in use by the study participants, or systems that the participants were familiar with, such as word processing packages and spreadsheets. Given this, it is unclear: (1) whether models such as TAM are predictive of behavior for inexperienced users and, more importantly, (2) whether the determinants of IT usage are the same for experienced and inexperienced users of a system. To address these issues, this paper reports on a study of 430 experienced and 356 inexperienced potential users of an IT system--specifically, a student computing information resource center. Using an augmented version of TAM that incorporates social influences and behavioral control, the experienced and inexperienced user groups are compared. To address issue (1) above, the model was tested to show whether it provides an equivalent understanding of usage for both groups. Then to test issue (2), specific paths in the model were compared between the two groups. The overall goal of this research is to assess the efficacy of the augmented TAM in helping, a priori, to understand the behavior of inexperienced users

Decomposition and Crossover Effects in the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Study of Consumer Adoption


International Journal of Research in Marketing

juillet 1995, vol. 12, n°2, pp.137-156

Départements : Informations Systems and Operations Management

The Theory of Planned Behavior, an extension of the well-known Theory of Reasoned Action, is proposed as a model to predict consumer adoption intention. Three variations of the Theory of Planned Behavior are examined and compared to the Theory of Reasoned Action. The appropriateness of each model is assessed with data from a consumer setting. Structural equation modelling using maximum likelihood estimation for the four models revealed that the traditional forms of the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Theory of Planned Behavior fit the data adequately. Decomposing the belief structures and allowing for crossover effects in the Theory of Planned Behavior resulted in improvements in model prediction. The application of each model to theory development and management intervention is explored

La production au plus juste ou une nouvelle vision du coût complet


Revue Française de Comptabilité

avril 1995, n°266, pp.59-65

Départements : Informations Systems and Operations Management

Les modes de gestion de la performance dans les chaînes hôtelières françaises


Revue Française de Comptabilité

juin 1995, n°268, pp.47-56

Départements : Comptabilité et Contrôle de Gestion, Informations Systems and Operations Management


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