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Die Globale Telefonkonferenz

M. SEGALLA, K. Sandner

Harvard Business Manager

2010, n°11

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Faith in Firms - As Low As You'd Expect


Harvard Business Review

janvier-février 2010, pp.22-23

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Find the Real Power in Your Organization


Harvard Business Review

mai-juin 2010, pp.800-801

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

In a perfect world, managers' authority and engagement would reflect their positions in the organizational hierarchy, rising as people climbed up the ranks. When the researchers mapped the responses that more than 3,000 managers gave to a battery of questions about their sense of responsibility and their actual authority, they saw a world filled with underengaged and surprisingly powerless managers. Worse, they identified unexpected hot spots - and dangerous vacuums - of power.

Hard-won and easily lost: The fragile status of leaders in gender-stereotype-incongruent occupations

E. L. UHLMANN, V. Brescoll, E. Dawson

Psychological Science

novembre 2010, vol. 21, n°11, pp.1640-1642

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

The article presents a study that examines how a mistake could affect the career of an individual who achieved a high-status position in a gender-incongruent occupations. The researchers contend that stereotypes affect judgment when the qualifications of the minorities and women are ambiguous. The occupations considered for the study are women's college president and police chief. The study demonstrates that women sucessful in male domains are considered less competent. *DISCRIMINATION in employment *HUMAN error *CAREER development *JOB performance *WOMEN -- Employment *MEN -- Employment COLLEGE presidents POLICE chiefs

Holding your place: Reactions to the prospect of status gains and losses

N. Pettit, K. YONG, S. Spataro

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

mars 2010, vol. 46, n°2, pp.396-401

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Mots clés : Status gain, Status loss, Status contests, Status threat, Intragroup processes, Loss aversion

This paper examines individuals’ reactions to the prospect of gaining or losing status in groups. The results of three experiments provide evidence that individuals attach greater value to status when recalling the risk of status loss than when recalling the potential for status gain (Experiment 1), are willing to pay more to avoid a status loss than to achieve a status gain (Experiment 1), and put forth greater effort when striving to prevent status loss than when striving to gain status (Experiment 2). Finally, individuals who risk losing status allocate more resources toward personal status concerns (and away from group interests and potential monetary gain) than do individuals who have a chance of gaining status (Experiment 3). We discuss the implications of this research both in terms of individuals’ psychological experience of their status, as well as status attainment and maintenance concerns in groups


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