Articles scientifiques

Consumers' Number Sense for Prices of Consumer Goods

M. Vanhuele, G. LAURENT, X. Drèze

Advances in Consumer Research

2002, vol. 29, pp.143-144

Départements : Marketing

Customer-Perceived Value: A Substitute for Satisfaction in Business Markets ?

W. ULAGA, A. Eggert

Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing

2002, vol. 17, n°2/3, pp.107-118

Départements : Marketing

De l'utilité du renseignement compétitif commercial


Knowledge and Process Management

2002, n°10, pp.145-163

Départements : Marketing

Do Make or Buy Decisions matter ? The Influence of Organizational Governance on Technological Performance

M. Leiblein, J. Reuer, F. DALSACE

Strategic Management Journal

septembre 2002, vol. 23, n°9, pp.817-833

Départements : Marketing

This paper investigates hors, firms' decisions to outsource or internalize production affect their technological performance. While several popular arguments and some anecdotal evidence suggest a direct association between outsourcing and technological performance, the effects of firms' governance decisions are likely to be contingent upon several specific attributes underlying a given exchange. This paper first demonstrates how standard petformance models can improperly suggest a positive relationship between firms' outsourcing decisions and their technological performance. Models that account for firm- and transaction-specific features are then presented, which indicate that neither outsourcing nor internalization per se result in.superior performance; rather, a firm's technological performance is contingent upon the alignment between firms' governance decisions and tire degree of contractual hazards.

Du renseignement d'Etat à l'intelligence économique



2002, n°11, pp.123-136

Départements : Marketing