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An Exploratory Investigation of the Impact of Culture on Sales Force Management Control Systems in Europe


Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management

hiver 2003, vol. 23, n°1, pp.61-72

Départements : Marketing, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Globalization, euro-driven transparency, and new sales territory designs are among the numerous indications announcing sales force restructuring in Europe. When confronted by such issues, managers need to reassess the way they monitor, direct, evaluate, and compensate salespeople. Indeed, those sets of procedures may not be consistent across borders and send mixed signals to salespeople. In our exploratory research, we examine the role of culture on sales personnel governance structures. We test a related set of propositions on a sample of 166 European salespeople. Finally, we conclude by proposing potential guidelines for managers willing to expand their sales effort in Europe

An Exploratory Investigation of the Impact of Culture on Sales Force Management Control Systems in Europe

D. Rouziès, A. MACQUIN

The Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management

hiver 2003, vol. 23, n°1, pp.pp. 61-72

Départements : Marketing

Capturing value creation in business relationships: A customer perspective


Industrial Marketing Management

2003, vol. 32, n°8, pp.677-694

Départements : Marketing

Collaborative relationships in business markets are of growing importance to customers and suppliers alike. Customers need to decide whether to invest in a new supplier relationship, to maintain and develop a valued relationship, or to divest from a low-value relationship. Suppliers, in turn, face growing commoditization of products and seek to differentiate themselves through relationships. The measurement of value creation in buyer-seller relationships is still in its infancy, and a sound understanding of how firms create and deliver value in business relationships is needed. Emerging studies investigate relationship value based on dimensions derived from theory and lack a managerial perspective. Therefore, the present research explored relationship value from a grounded theory perspective. In-depth interviews with purchasing managers identified eight value drivers in manufacturer-supplier relationships. Implications for the measurement of the concept are discussed, and directions for further research are suggested. (C) 2003 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Author Keywords: buyer-seller relationships; customer value; relationship value; grounded theory KeyWords Plus: BUYER-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS; PERCEIVED VALUE; SELLER RELATIONSHIPS; MARKETS; QUALITY; SATISFACTION; IMPACT; FIRM

Consumer Attitude Toward Brand Extensions: An Integrative Model and Research Propositions


International Journal of Research in Marketing

2003, vol. 20, n°1, pp.97-115

Départements : Marketing

The paper proposes an integrative model of the antecedents and consequences of brand extension attitude based on the dominant cognitive paradigm. The four key processes of the model are (1) the perception of fit, (2) the formation of primary attitudes toward the extension, (3) the link between extension attitude and marketplace behaviour and (4) the reciprocal effect of brand extension attitude on parent brand/extension category attitude. Moderator and control variables of these processes are identified and classified into three groups: (1) consumer characteristics, (2) marketer-controlled factors and (3) external factors. This integrative model leads to the identification of missing links and variables in past research, resulting in a propositional inventory for future studies. The paper ends with a reflection on the long-term perspectives of scientific inquiry on brand extensions

Consuming Television: Connectedness and Community in Broadcast Media

H. Schau, C. A. RUSSELL

Advances in Consumer Research

2003, vol. 30, pp.544-547

Départements : Marketing