Articles scientifiques

An Experimental Test of Brand Insulation Against Competitor Attacks: Effects of Consumer Heterogeneity and Residual Desire

D. DelVecchio, T. B. HEATH

Psychology and Marketing

octobre 2008, vol. 25, pp.944-960

Départements : Marketing

An Interpretive Examination of the Development of Cultural Sensitivity in International Business

J. Shapiro, J. Ozanne, B. SAATCIOGLU

Journal of International Business Studies

janvier 2008, vol. 39, n°1, pp.71-87

Départements : Marketing

pas sous affiliation hecAbstract: Cultural sensitivity is assumed to be important in international business, yet little empirical work explores how cultural sensitivity actually develops. In-depth interviews with buyers from the Asian Pacific Rim were conducted, and support was found for a four-stage model of cross-cultural sensitivity in which buyers move through the stages of romantic sojourner, foreign worker, skilled worker, and partner. This paper explores the development and evolution of cultural sensitivity as it interacts with trust and development of international business relationships.

Creativity and E-Advertising: A Qualitative Study of Art Directors' Creative Processes

M. Fourquet-Courbet, D. Courbet, M. VANHUELE

Empirical Studies of the Arts

janvier 2008, vol. 26, n°1, pp.5-13

Départements : Marketing, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Mots clés : Créativité, Publicité, Création publicitaire

An interpretive analysis of qualitative interviews with 33 creators of advertising banners for the Internet, combined with retrospective protocols on the creation process, reveals that they hold implicit theories about the potential impact of their work on different audiences. These audiences intervene in the form of intraindividual imaginary dialogue partners who, throughout the creative process, give their reactions to the message being created. Creation and evaluation are therefore intertwined and not, as the literature on creativity has suggested, two sequential steps of the creative process

Decision Making and Brand Choice by Older Consumers

G. LAURENT, E. Peters, M. Norton, E. Mullet, C. Cole, A. Gutchess, J. Ebert, A. Drolet, R. Lambert-Pandraud

Marketing Letters

décembre 2008, vol. 19, n°3/4, pp.355-365

Départements : Marketing

Older adults constitute a rapidly growing demographic segment, but stereotypes persist about their consumer behavior. Thus, a more considered understanding of age-associated changes in decision making and choices is required. Our underlying theoretical model suggests that age-associated changes in cognition, affect, and goals interact to differentiate older consumers' decision-making processes, brand choices, and habits from those of younger adults. We first review literature on stereotypes about the elderly and then turn to an analysis of age differences in the inputs (cognition, affect, and goals) and outputs (decisions, brand choices, and habits) of the choice process. Keywords: older consumers, decision making, choice

Du sens du client au marketing de la permission et du désir


Revue Banque

1er juin 2008

Départements : Marketing

Dans un contexte dominé par l'émergence des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication, un marketing du désir et de la permission doit voir le jour pour faire face à la mutation du comportement du consommateur.