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Bruno Biais graduated from the HEC Grande Ecole program in 1985 and from the HEC PhD program in 1989. He is director of research at CNRS, Professor at the Toulouse School of Economics and Distinguished Visiting Professor at HEC. His work, on market microstructure, corporate finance, asset pricing, experimental economics and contract theory, has been published in Econometrica, the Journal of Political Economy, the American Economic Review, the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics and the Review of Financial Studies. He taught at HEC, CMU, LBS, Oxford, Imperial College, LSE and TSE. He has been a scientific adviser of Euronext, the NYSE, the AMF and the Bank of England, and steers the FBF IDEI research chair on investment banking and financial markets. He received the CNRS bronze medal and is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, the Finance Theory Group and the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory. He has been president of the Society for Experimental Finance, editor of the Review of Economic Studies and co-editor of the Journal of Finance. Bruno Biais was awarded a senior ERC grant for his research project “Trading and Post Trading.”

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