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KOSTAMI Vasiliki

Vasiliki KOSTAMI

Professeur Associé

Information Systems and Operations Management

Vasiliki Kostami completed her PhD Operations Management at Marshall School of Business, USC in Los Angeles in 2010 when she joined the faculty of London Business School as an Assistant Professor at the Management Science and Operations Department. She holds a MSc in Business Mathematics (AUEB) and a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Athens. Her research interests mainly focus on the management of service operations. She works on the modelling of service systems, such as entertainment facilities, call centers and health care facilities under uncertainty. Specifically, she has looked at queue management problems for amusement parks such as Disneyland, quality management problems for healthcare and optimal inventory management in manufacturing sector. Her research articles have appeared in leading academic journals. She has been teaching in several programmes including the full time MBA and the executive MBA, as well as the PhD programme.

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