Case C-79/09, Gowan Comércio Internacional e Serviços Lda v. Ministero della Salute, Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (Second Chamber) of 22 December 2010, nyr


Common Market Law Review

août 2011, vol. 48, n°4, pp.1329-1348

Départements : Droit et fiscalité, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Mots clés : Case C-79/09, Gowan, Comércio, Internacional, Serviços Lda, Ministero della Salute, Judgment, Court of Justice, European Union

accepté le 31/03/2011

Codification commerciale et OHADAC

G. de Rubercy, F. LENGLART

Droit et Affaires

2011, n°9e édition, pp.171-183

Départements : Droit et fiscalité

Do You Mind My Smoking? Plain Packaging of Cigarettes Under the TRIPS Agreement

E. Bonadio, A. ALEMANNO

John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law

2011, vol. 10, n°3, pp.451-475

Départements : Droit et fiscalité, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Mots clés : International Law wTO Law, TRIPS, Trademarks, Plain Packaging, Tobacco Control, Lifestyle Risk

?Plain packaging, a new tobacco control tool that a growing number of countries are considering, mandates the removal of all attractive and promotional aspects of tobacco product packages. As a result of plain packaging, the only authorized feature remaining on a tobacco package is the use of the brand name, displayed in a standard font, size, colour and location on the package. In opposing this new strategy, the tobacco industry is particularly keen on emphasizing the uselessness of plain packaging in reducing smoking rates and its incompatibility with trade mark provisions of international treaties. In particular, the tobacco industry and other regulated sectors believe that plain packaging jeopardizes trade mark rights and particularly contravenes several trade mark provisions outlined in the TRIPS Agreement and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. This article, after introducing the reader to the genesis and rationale of plain packaging within the broader context of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, offers a detailed analysis of the compatibility of this tobacco control tool with the international system for trade mark protection as enshrined in the TRIPS.

La riforma francese dell’arbitrato. Un commentario sistematico / The French Reform of Arbitration Law. A Systematic Commentary


Diritto del Commercio Internazionale

2011, vol. 25, pp.927-971

Départements : Droit et fiscalité, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Le programme REACH : règlement ou régulation ?


Revue du Marché commun et de l'Union européenne

janvier 2011, pp.46-56

Départements : Droit et fiscalité, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Le régime des conventions réglementées et ses dernières évolutions


Actes pratiques & ingénierie sociétaires

septembre-octobre 2011, pp.27-31

Départements : Droit et fiscalité

Miss France ou la valeur économique de l'idée en production audiovisuelle


Blog Dalloz

4 novembre 2011

Départements : Droit et fiscalité

Regulatory Impact Assessment and European Courts: When Ex Ante Evaluation Meets Ex Post Judicial Control


European Public Law

septembre 2011, vol. 17, n°3, pp.485-505

Départements : Droit et fiscalité, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Mots clés : EU law, Better Regulation, Impact Assessment, Oversight, Judicial Review, European Court of Justice

The Contribution of European law to national legislation governing business law

N. STOLOWY, S. Schrameck

Journal of Business Law

2011, n°6, pp.614-640

Départements : Droit et fiscalité, GREGHEC (CNRS)

accepté le 20/10/10 The article discusses the impact of European Law on the national legislation that governs the business law. It reports that the Court of Justice of the European Communities on December 12, 2008 releases a decision that the statute in a member state of the European Union (EU) required to prohibit an incorporated company from transferring to another member state. It notes that the Treaties' legal foundation enable the (EU) institution to promote harmony in corporate law. *CORPORATION law *BUSINESS enterprises LEGISLATIVE bills