The Effect of Work Motivation on Job Satisfaction: A Case of Farashian Pre-Cast Concrete Company in Iran


International Journal of Management Research and Business Strategy

janvier 2015, vol. 4, n°1, pp.59-82

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Dirigé par: Françoise Chevalier

Mots clés : Motivational Factors, Job Satisfaction, Farashian Pre-cast Concrete Company

The two concepts of work motivation and job satisfaction and their relationship are the focus of this research. The case study for conducting this research is “Farashian pre-cast concrete company” in which we examine the relationship between the effect of motivational factors on employee job satisfaction in three levels including workers, office staff and managers. The main question of this research is whether motivational factors significantly affect the job satisfaction of Farashian Company employees. In order to gather data, a questionnaire with five-point Likert scale is distributed among the research population who are 100 employees of the company. Linear regression is used for testing the relationship between motivational factors and job satisfaction and TOPSIS technique to rank the motivational factors in three job levels. The results indicate that the motivational factors including security, recognition, relationship with supervisor and company policy are significantly influential on the workers job satisfaction and recognition as the most important one. For office staff, advancement, recognition and salary are motivational factors which have meaningful relationship with their job satisfaction and salary is discovered to be most significant motivational factor. Lastly, job satisfaction of the managers of Farashian Company is a function of motivational factors including relationship with peers, advancement and most importantly, achievement