Why is style not in fashion? Using the concept of ‘style’ to understand the creative industries


Research in the Sociology of Organizations

2018, vol. 55, pp.103-128

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Mots clés : Aesthetics; creative industries; evaluation; fashion; management; organizations; sociology of culture; style

Because we lack a usable definition of the concept of style to inform research on the creative industries, this chapter takes a first step toward developing a style-based perspective on them. The use of style in disciplines where the study of creative industries occupies a notable position (sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and management) is compared and contrasted with a series of related concepts (status, fashion, trend, genre, movement, and category). Style is defined as a durable, recognizable pattern of aesthetic choices. Propositions that relate style to an organization’s creative performance are formulated for two types of audience: insiders and outsiders