Pathways to concrete outcomes in equal employment policy implementation in France and Canada: toward better theory in comparative policy studies


French Politics

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Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Mots clés : Gender equality policy, Equal employment policy, Comparative public policy, Comparative Gender Equality Policy, French gender policy, Canadian gender policy, Quebec gender policy, Intersectionality, Policy implementation, Comparable worth, Equal pay

The goal of this article is to highlight the methodological and theoretical contributions the four articles in the special issue on the implementation of equal employment in France and Canada make to research and theory-building on policy inside and outside of France. The first section discusses the scientific opportunities for comparison the four research articles offer. Then, three pathways to achieving gender equality in equal employment policy implementation are identified from the four implementation case analyses in France, Canada and, within Canada, Quebec. Third, issues for comparative research on equal employment policy are raised in the context of a comparative analysis of the six cases in the two countries. The article finishes with a discussion of the contributions of this comparative analysis to research in Comparative Gender Equality Policy Studies and Comparative Politics and Policy