Research frontiers in comparative gender equality policy: contributions from the study of equal employment policy practice in France and Canada


French Politics

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Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Mots clés : Gender equality policy, Equal employment policy, Comparative public policy, Comparative Gender Equality Policy, French gender policy, Canadian gender policy, Quebec gender policy, Intersectionality, Policy implementation, Comparable worth, Equal pay

The first goal of this special issue is to showcase francophone cutting-edge research on the implementation and practice of gender equality policy that uses qualitative tools of comparison in the analysis of equal employment policy implementation in France and Canada, including Quebec. Its second goal is to highlight the methodological and theoretical contributions the articles in the special issue make to research and theory-building on gender equality policy inside and outside of France. Ultimately, therefore, the special issue aims to advance the larger scholarly agenda of Comparative Gender Equality Policy Studies, a new international field of study within the purview of policy studies and political science