Using Servqual to Examine Service Quality in the Classroom: Analyses of Undergraduate and Executive Education Operations Management Courses


International Journal of Business and Management

octobre 2013, vol. 8, n°20, pp.105-116

Départements : Information Systems and Operations Management, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Mots clés : Service quality, Servqual, Higher education institutions

This article examines service quality provided in the classroom, by applying the Servqual instrument in twooperations management (OM) courses located at the two extremes of the higher education spectrum. The firstServqual gap analysis assessed an OM undergraduate course (at the low end of the spectrum), whereas thesecond Servqual gap analysis appraised an OM executive education course (at the highest end of the spectrum).This paper also reviews the theoretical background of service quality in higher education, and associatedassessment methods identified in the literature. Findings indicate that the use of Servqual results could lead toimproving the performance of service quality dimensions in the classroom at the undergraduate level, andexpectations of undergraduate students and executive education participants could be exceeded on multipleservice quality dimensions such as reliability, responsiveness, and tangibles