Reverse Logistics and Push-Pull Manufacturing Systems: The Case of Electronic Products

S. Mazahir, L. KERBACHE, M. Lassagne

Supply Chain Forum - An International Journal

septembre 2011, vol. 12, n°2, pp.92-103

Départements : Information Systems and Operations Management, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Research on the determinants of reverse logistics has so far largely been focussed on product characteristics. We argue in this exploratory article that these explanations are not sufficient as various reverse logistics strategies can be observed for similar products. We suggest to complement them by suggesting a more general model which takes into account push-pull manufacturing strategies. We illustrate the model with three case studies and suggest future avenues for empirical research based on our framework.Key words: reverse logistics, manufacturing strategy, push-pull manufacturing, reverse supply chain, remanufacturing, case study