The non-profit turn and its challenges for business schools Foundations for a new vision in third sector management training

E. CORNUEL, P. Kletz

Journal of Management Development

2011, vol. 30, n°5, pp.483-491

Départements : Stratégie et Politique d’Entreprise

Mots clés : Business schools, Non-profit organizations, Corporate social responsibility

Over the past years, the teaching of third sector management and corporate social responsibility in business schools has been characterized by two main features: it has become widespread, and the assumption that a company's moral behavior has a financial correlate was abandoned. It follows from the second element that these classes are no longer meant to train managers to make a more effective economic contribution. The courses can now find a different, higher purpose, namely to emphasize the impact of the companies' and non-profit organizations' social activities. This paper aims to address this issue.