Category Activation Model: A Spreading Activation Network Model of Subcategory Positioning When Categorization Uncertainty Is High

Z. Katona, J. LAJOS, M. Sarvary, A. Chattopadhyay

Journal of Consumer Research

juin 2009, vol. 36, n°1, pp.122-136

Départements : Marketing

sous affiliation INSEADWe develop a spreading activation model, which we call the category activation model, to predict where within a category structure consumers are likely to position a subcategory that they have created to accommodate a new hybrid product. Based on this model, we hypothesize that the probability that an individual will position a new category subordinate to a particular category / is proportional to the relative number of categories that are already subordinate to /. We report the results of two studies that support this hypothesis and provide evidence that accessibility is an underlying mechanism.