Antecedents and the performance outcome of transactive memory in daycare work groups


European Psychologist

2008, vol. 13, n°2, pp.103-113

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

Laboratory experiments provide evidence that ongoing social interactions support the formation, functioning, and maintenance of transactive memory (TM), which in turn has positive performance implications in dyads and groups. Because most studies have been conducted with students, relatively little is known about TM in work settings. This study examined the mediating role of TM between interpersonal communication, group potency, supportive supervision, and self-reported group performance in 33 daycare work groups. Hierarchical regression analysis showed that TM fully mediated the interpersonal communication and group performance linkage and partially mediated the group potency and group performance linkage. Implications and suggestions for future research are offered. Keywords: Transactive memory, Group performance, Group potency, Interpersonal communication.