The Transition from Product to Service in Business Markets: An Agenda for Academic Inquiry

F. Jacob, W. ULAGA

Industrial Marketing Management

mai 2008, vol. 37, n°3, pp.247-253

Départements : Marketing

Mots clés : Business-to-business services, Industrial service, Service-dominant logic, Service practice

In recent years, industrial manufacturers around the world have deployed growing efforts in developing services in addition to their traditional product business in order to secure long-term growth and to remain competitive in the marketplace. Against this background, the present article introduces the reader to this special issue. It first recalls key aspects of the emerging service-dominant logic of marketing and examines how it relates to the business marketing field. It then illustrates the challenges faced by top executives of industrial companies in the transition from a product-centric to a service-centric business perspective through an interview with the managing director of ThyssenKrupp Service AG. After discussing how the articles included in this special issue advance the extant literature on industrial services marketing, the article finally develops a number of directions for future research on services in business markets