Transactive Memory Systems


Review of General Psychology

décembre 2008, vol. 12, n°4, pp.378-394

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

The literature on transactive memory (TM) continues to grow in several interrelated scholarly fields. While this increased interest in transactive memory systems has been beneficial, it also let to a plurality and sometimes confusing interpretations of TM theory. In order to identify gaps and ambiguities in TM literature, this article provides a comprehensive overview of TM theory, distinguishes transactive memory systems from related group cognitive concepts, and reviews theory extensions and research in dyads, groups, and teams. Suggested areas for future research and theory extensions are face-to-face communication influencing transactive memory systems, social interaction processes related to expert inferences, task context and levels of analysis, and extension of research to work teams. Keywords: Transactive memory, Transactive memory system