Hungry for money: The desire for caloric resources increases the desire for financial resources and vice versa

L. Warlop, S. Dewitte, M. Pandelaere, B. BRIERS

Psychological Science

novembre 2006, vol. 17, n°11, pp.939-943

Départements : Marketing

This report attempts to provide an evolutionary explanation for humans' motivation to strive for money in present-day societies. We propose that people's desire for money is a modern derivate of their desire for food. In three studies, we show the reciprocal association between the incentive value of food and of money. In Study 1, hungry participants were less likely than satiated participants to donate to charity. In Study 2, participants in a room with an olfactory food cue, known to increase the desire to eat, offered less money in a give-some game compared with participants in a room free of scent. In Study 3, participants' desire for money affected the amount of M&M's<sup>®</sup> they ate in a subsequent taste test, but only among participants who were not restricting their food intake in order to manage their weight