Value creation in the relationship life cycle: A quasi-longitudinal analysis.

W. ULAGA, F. Schultz, A. Eggert

Industrial Marketing Management

janvier 2006, vol. 35, n°1, pp.20-27

Départements : Marketing

*CONSUMER behavior*LIFE cycle costing*PURCHASING agentsLONGITUDINAL method NAICS/Industry Codes: 531210 Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers812990 All Other Personal Services Abstract: Abstract: Among the growing literature on value creation in collaborative buyer'seller relationships, most researchers examine relationship value at a single point in time. In the present research, we explore whether different stages of the relationship life cycle moderate the relative importance of value-creating dimensions. To shed light on the dynamic nature of value in B2B relationships, we present the results of a survey among purchasing managers using a quasi-longitudinal research design. Our findings confirm the moderating role of the relationship life cycle in value creation. More precisely, our results indicate that a key supplier's potential for value creation in customer's operations increases in relative importance as relationships move through the life cycle. In turn, supplier's capabilities to create superior value at the level of the customer's sourcing process display a decreasing role over the life cycle of a business relationship. No significant link was found in the present study between value creation through a supplier's core offering and different stages of a buyer'seller relationship