'Done 4': Analysis of a Failed Social Norms Marketing Campaign

C. A. RUSSELL, W. DeJong, J. Clapp

Health Communication

2005, vol. 17, n°1, pp.57-65

Départements : Marketing

College students commonly believe their peers engage in higher levels of dangerous drinking than is actually the case. Social norms marketing campaigns attempt to correct these misperceptions, decrease the perceived normative pressure to drink, and thereby drive down high-risk alcohol consumption. The present case study critically examines 'Done 4,' an unsuccessful social norms marketing campaign conducted as part of a comprehensive prevention trial at a large urban university. As part of this analysis, the principal print advertisement used in the campaign was evaluated by a pool of students. The results of this case study suggest that the advertisement was poorly constructed, which decreased its effectiveness and led to confusion about the social norms message. Implications of these findings for future prevention campaigns and new research are discussed