Cognition, Persuasion and Decision Making in Older Consumers

G. LAURENT, C. Yoon, H. Fung, R. Gonzalez, A. Gutchess, I. Skurnik, R. Lambert-Pandraud, M. Mather, D. Park, E. Peters, T. Hedden

Marketing Letters

décembre 2005, vol. 16, n°3-4, pp.429-441

Départements : Marketing

Older adults constitute a rapidly growing demographic segment, but relatively little is known about them within consumer contexts: how they process information, respond to persuasive messages, and make decisions. We discuss extant findings from consumer behavior and related disciplines (e.g., cognitive psychology, neuroscience, social psychology, gerontology) as they pertain to the effects of aging on consumer memory, persuasion and decision Keywords older consumers - aging, cognition - persuasion - decision making