Global Consumption: (How) Does Culture Matter?

A. Valenzuela, C. A. RUSSELL

Advances in Consumer Research

2005, vol. 32, pp.86-89

Départements : Marketing

This article details the papers presented at a session about global consumption. In the paper Culture as the Water Fish Swim In? Consumption, Reflexivity and Globalization, Søren Askegaard discusses the changed role of the concept of culture in an age of cultural reflexivity. The paper One Part Salience, One Part Origin, Stir, Sprinkle with Acceptance and Resistance, Bake for One Century and Voila: A New Cultural Casserole! by Dale Russell and Cristel Antonia Russell presents the results of several cross-cultural investigations of consumers' reactions to entertainment products in an increasingly global entertainment industryCONSUMERS' preferences*CONSUMPTION (Economics)*ENTERTAINMENT industryCONSUMERS -- ResearchCULTURE & globalization