Incomplete-market dynamics in a neoclassical production economy

G. Angeletos, L. E. CALVET

Journal of Mathematical Economics

août 2005, vol. 41, n°4/5, pp.407-438

Départements : Finance

Mots clés : Entrepreneurial risk, Precautionary motive, Endogenous fluctuations, Poverty traps

We investigate a neoclassical economy with heterogeneous agents, convex technologies and idiosyncratic production risk. Combined with precautionary savings, investment risk generates rich effects that do not arise in the presence of pure endowment risk. Under a finite-horizon, multiple growth paths and endogenous fluctuations can exist even when agents are very patient. In infinitehorizon economies, multiple steady states may arise from the endogeneity of risk-taking and interest rates instead of the usual wealth effects. Depending on the economy's parameters, the local dynamics around a steady state are locally unique, totally unstable or locally undetermined, and the equilibrium path can be attracted to a limit cycle. The model generates closed-form expressions for the equilibrium dynamics and easily extends to a variety of environments, including heterogeneous capital types and multiple sectors