Relationship Value in Business Market: The Construct and its Dimension

A. Eggert, W. ULAGA

Journal of Business to Business Marketing

2005, vol. 12, n°1, pp.73-99

Départements : Marketing

*BUSINESS*BUSINESS enterprises*MANAGEMENT literature*MARKETING*MARKETING literatureSURVEYS Author-Supplied Keywords: buyer-seller relationshipsformative scalesPLSRelationship value Abstract: In recent years, the concept of relationship value has attracted increasing attention among marketing researchers and practitioners alike. Despite a growing body of literature in this area, no generally accepted conceptualization of relationship value has emerged from the marketing literature. The present paper investigates the theoretical foundations of relationship value and identifies seven underlying dimensions. It is suggested that relationship value should be conceptualized as a formative, multi-dimensional, higher-order construct. This conceptualization is tested using data from a cross-sectional survey among some 200 purchasing managers from manufacturing companies. The scale development process is presented and directions for future research are discussed.