Vulnerable Women on Screen and at Home: Soap Opera Consumption

C. A. RUSSELL, B. Stern

Journal of Macromarketing

décembre 2005, vol. 25, n°2

Départements : Marketing

Daytime television soap operas primarily appeal to women, providing emotional release, personal gratification, companionship, and an escape from reality. This article reviews the extant literature on soap opera consumption to reveal a vulnerability system in which industry profits flow from a genre that specializes in conveying images of vulnerable women living in luxury to downscale viewers living in constrained circumstances and repeatedly exposed to unrealistic and inappropriate role models. The soap industry has recently acknowledged its audience's vulnerability and has attempted to bring together producers, writers, and network executives to encourage awareness of the industry's role in shaping consumers' attitudes and behaviortelevisionvulnerabilityproduct placementwomensoap opera