Consuming Television: Connectedness and Community in Broadcast Media

C. A. RUSSELL, H. Schau

Advances in Consumer Research

2004, vol. 31, n°1, pp.544-548

Départements : Marketing

This section presents abstracts of studies on consumer research. The study, Exploring the Relationship Between Television Program Connectedness and Social Network Dynamics, by Cristel A. Russell and Andrew T. Norman, focuses on the relationship between program consumption and social interaction. The study, Bonding Through Cultural Subversion: Consumers' Connectedness With the The Simpsons, by Mary Finley Wolfibarger and Hope Jensen Schau, demonstrates the manner in which viewers of the animated television show The Simpsons, bond in online communities through subversively explicating notions of hyper-commercialization and commodity fetishism. The study, If You Can't Find It, Create It: An Analysis of Consumer Engagement with Xena: Warrior Princess and the Creation of Consumer-Generated Subtext, by Hope Jensen Schau and Albert M. Muñiz Jr., examines a particular consumer-generated subtext of the television series, Xena: Warrior Princess, to find how proponents of mainstream and subtext interpretations interact and impact the Xena brand