Capturing value creation in business relationships: A customer perspective


Industrial Marketing Management

2003, vol. 32, n°8, pp.677-694

Départements : Marketing

Collaborative relationships in business markets are of growing importance to customers and suppliers alike. Customers need to decide whether to invest in a new supplier relationship, to maintain and develop a valued relationship, or to divest from a low-value relationship. Suppliers, in turn, face growing commoditization of products and seek to differentiate themselves through relationships. The measurement of value creation in buyer-seller relationships is still in its infancy, and a sound understanding of how firms create and deliver value in business relationships is needed. Emerging studies investigate relationship value based on dimensions derived from theory and lack a managerial perspective. Therefore, the present research explored relationship value from a grounded theory perspective. In-depth interviews with purchasing managers identified eight value drivers in manufacturer-supplier relationships. Implications for the measurement of the concept are discussed, and directions for further research are suggested. (C) 2003 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Author Keywords: buyer-seller relationships; customer value; relationship value; grounded theory KeyWords Plus: BUYER-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS; PERCEIVED VALUE; SELLER RELATIONSHIPS; MARKETS; QUALITY; SATISFACTION; IMPACT; FIRM