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Départements : Finance

De l'a-responsabilité de l'expert


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septembre 1996

Départements : Comptabilité et Contrôle de Gestion

Discounted costs, obsolescence and planned stockouts with EOQ formula


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Elements de droit pénal du travail


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Etude des pratiques de gestion de 9 groupes industriels européens en matière de comptabilité de gestion et cessions inter unités


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European Acquisition by French Banks, Strategies and the European Financial Structure

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Départements : Finance

From Language Learner to Multicultural Manager


European Management Journal

juin 1996, vol. 14, n°3, pp.315-320

Départements : Langues et Cultures

In today's rapidly globalizing world of business and management, language skills with real world applications have become essential. Communicative competence has established itself as the goal of most progressive language learning programs, but teachers and learners have begun to ask what lies beyond communicative competence? What must the truly exceptionally qualified, top-level international manager be able to do in the international setting? The answer lies in the relationship that exists between the culture - both with respect to culture's ability to facilitate language learning, and with respect to the manager's ability to adopt cultural nuances which make his or her ‘foreigness’ transparent to listeners. The crossing of this final threshold characterizes the manager who has begun to live psychologically in two cultures, and who is thus prepared to move on into the level of metaskills which are the hallmark of the truly multicultural manager.

From value chain to value constellation: designing interactive strategy, Collection spéciale "Corporate Planning and Strategy"


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Hedging Corporate Bond Portfolios across the Business Cycle

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Identification and Validation of the Components of the Person-Object Relationship

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