Efficient Liability Rules for Multi-Party Accidents with Moral Hazard

E. Feess, U. HEGE

Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics

1998, vol. 154, n°2, pp.422-450

Départements : Finance

The economic analysis of tort law is extended to multi-party accidents with unobservable actions. Due to the requirement of no punitive damages, the problem resembles a team production problem. It is shown that asymmetry in the agents' impact on the stochastic damage function can be exploited to improve ex ante incentives. This implies departures from the proportional rule, based on the statistical information contained in the circumstances of the accident. If a noisy monitoring technology is introduced, then monitoring can add enough stochastic identifiability among injurers to restore efficiency.

Eléments pour une histoire de l'idée de 'cadre'


Performances Humaines et Techniques

septembre 1998

Départements : Comptabilité et Contrôle de Gestion

numéro hors série

Enseignement de la gestion : les conditions de la coopération européenne

J.-M. DE LEERSNYDER, T. Abdessemed

Revue Française de Gestion

juin-juillet-août 1998, pp.5-14

Départements : Marketing

Equal Opportunity Between Men and Women: The Case of France


Feminist Economics

printemps 1998, vol. 4, n°1, pp.53-69

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

The article deals with the implementation of equal opportunities and positive action in the field of work in France. After presenting a few characteristic trends of the evolution of the status of women on the labor market, the author presents the legal and policy framework of professional equality in France. She then discusses the positive action strategies which have been implemented by firms and explores reasons for their relative scarcity. In a final section, she deals with the recent evolution of the labor market. The rapid growth in part time employment could be seen as a possible solution to the problem of reconciling work and family life. However, in practice, the two processes, reconciliation of work and family life and the development of atypical forms of employment may combine to restructure the labor market in such a way that the inequalities affecting particular categories of women become cumulative.

Etre réaliste, est-ce être responsable ?


Progrès du Management

mai 1998

Départements : Comptabilité et Contrôle de Gestion

numéro spécial consacré à la décision

European Capital markets and the EMU


Hitotsubashi Journal of Commerce and Management

octobre 1998, vol. 33, n°1, pp.43-63

Évolutions économiques et techniques et nouveaux modèles de protection de la propriété littéraire et artistique

P. Benghozi, T. PARIS


mars-juin 1998, n°88-89, pp.11-23

Départements : GREGHEC (CNRS)

Exchange and Optimality


Economic Theory

1998, n°00

Départements : Finance

Factors for the Success or Failure of International Teams: The Special Case of International Research Projects


Journal of Managerial Psychology

1998, vol. 13, n°3/4, pp.133-136

Départements : Management et Ressources Humaines

There appears to be a growing interest in developing large-scale international research projects on managerial subjects. Because of the relative novelty of these projects some practical advice may be useful for those who would like to create or participate in an international research project. This paper offers such advice based on the experience and perspective of an organiser of a symposium held at the 1997 Academy of Management Meetings entitled "Creating, managing, and benefiting from international research teams."

Financement des implantations à l'étranger


Le Moci

28 novembre 1998, n°583

Départements : Marketing