Cas pédagogiques

Competing Through Alliances in the Airline Industry: The Air France-KLM / Delta Air Lines Joint Venture



Air France KLM and Delta Airlines formed a revenue and cost sharing Joint Venture that includes all transatlantic routes of the two airlines. In 2011, this joint venture generated sales of over € 12 billion. The case describes the airline industry, focusing in particular on the fact that airlines have formed alliances and joint ventures on a scale unheard of in other industries. It then presents Air France KLM and Delta, the partner firms, and provides a detailed description of their joint venture, its organization, structure and operations. It also mentions tensions that have arisen between the partners over time.
Participants are asked to analyze the data in the case from the point of view of the Air France KLM management, analyze what the JV contributes to Air France KLM, identify sources of conflict and potential threats and finally suggest changes to the JV agreement that can resolve these issues.

Mots clés : Business strategy, Industry analysis, Strategic alliance, Joint venture, Airline industry

DECLEOR : Une stratégie marketing et de communication innovante



La marque Decléor (Groupe Shiseido) propose dans un contexte international des produits cosmétiques de soin élaborés à partir d'huiles essentielles fondées sur l'aromathérapie. Ils sont commercialisés dans les instituts de beauté mais aussi disponibles dans certains canaux de distribution sélectifs : grandes surfaces, département-stores, pharmacies, parapharmacies, parfumeries.
Après plusieurs années où les ventes connaissent une croissance assez faible, Madame Dominique Le Carou, Directrice Générale des marques Decléor et Carita, souhaite que ses équipes engagent une vaste réflexion sur la politique et les moyens en marketing et communication à instaurer pour faire face à cette situation. Elle propose que la réflexion accorde une large priorité à l'utilisation des techniques et méthodes de la stratégie marketing et de la communication les plus récentes : Innovation valeur (Océan Bleu), e-marketing, marketing sensoriel ...

Mots clés : Marketing, Blue Océan Strategy, Neuromarketing, marketing sensoriel, e, marketing, marketing viral, Permission Marketing, international, cosmétiques

Sales Disease at Hadaara Technology



This case study deals with a company-wide transformation: from a telecom commodity player into an ICT service company in Europe. The reorganization of the sales force is especially addressed as well as the key account management structure.
The case offers insights into the evolution of a global industry and the consequences on its players, particularly focusing on sales strategy, sales management and sales competencies. The core issues are the sales structure and the missing sales competencies. The case also offers the opportunity to reflect on the role of politics in corporate life and how often they get in the way of sound and fact-based decision-making, particularly in sales management.
The case is very useful also for leading a discussion on Key Account Management ("KAM") and its purpose and role within a sales strategy. In parallel it provides a context for developing a good understanding of sales competencies needed in KAM for complex business-2-business ("B2B") solution selling. It illustrates the importance of competency assessment as a base for sales force development and as a core part in building a sale structure.
On a corporate strategy level, it poses students questions about the possible organizational structures of an international sales division and its effects on customer perception, sales motivation and compensation as well as brand awareness.

Mots clés : Information and communications technology sector, B2B sales force, KAM organizational structure, KAM competencies