Geopolitics of South and Central Asia

During the past few years, South and Central Asia has become the playing field of many regional and global powers (including China, India, Pakistan and the U.S.) which have competing interests in the region. Their diverging economic, diplomatic and military strategies led to military build-up and competition for natural resources (oil, gas & water). The region became one of the most dynamic weapon market. Meanwhile, radical groups gained influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan where they are still located today. For the past 30 years, Afghanistan has constantly been torn by wars, two of them following foreign interventions. Whatever the outcome of the current NATO intervention will be, the region will remain at the centre of global politics and could potentially destabilize the current world order.


The course aims at providing students with basic knowledge of key regional issues.

Course content

  • India vs Pakistan : competition between two nuclear powers
  • Natural resources in South and Central Asia - oil & gas issues
  • US policy regarding Pakistan and India
  • Afghanistan – from the Soviets to NATO intervention
  • Chinese policy towards India, Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • The religious factor in South Asia