Nouvel article de Rodolphe Durand : "Jules or Jim: Alternative Conformity to Minority Logics"

8 janvier 2013

Jules or Jim: Alternative Conformity to Minority Logics

Rodolphe Durand, Julien Jourdan 

Academy of Management Journal ; Dec 2012, Vol. 55 Issue 6, p1295-1315, 21p, 3 Charts, 4 Graphs

Jules or Jim: Alternative Conformity to Minority Logics


To what extent do organizations respond favorably to minority participation-that is, conform to demands from minority resource suppliers that hold an unconventional logic? A favorable response to minority participation (i.e., "alternative conformity") helps decrease the influence of dominant players, alter the resource suppliers' social structure, and promote new logics, which makes alternative conformity a "son control strategy" for organizations. We expect a positive relationship between minority participation and alternative conformity and expect that relationship to be attenuated by organizations' adherence to a dominant logic, the centrality of minority logic holders, and a minority logic's institutional credit. We test and find strong support for our hypotheses using original data on investment funds in the French film industry (1994-2008). 

Copyright of Academy of Management Journal 


  • Organizational behavior
  • Social structure
  • Motion picture industry
  • Investments
  • Motion picture industry -- Finance
  • Resource dependence theory
  • Organizational power
  • Organizational legitimacy
  • Profit maximization
  • Participation
  • Minorities
  • Conformity
  • New institutionalism (Sociology)
  • Structuration theory (Communication)

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