27 septembre 2012

2012 HEC Paris Social Media Conference

  • September 27th HEC Paris is host to the Social Media Conference.
  • Date : 27/09/2012
  • Lieu : HEC Paris
  • Intervenants : Kristine de Valck (Organizer)
  • Nous contacter : devalckSPAMFILTER@hec.fr

Key objective of the 2012 HEC Paris Social Media Conference is to understand how to harness and prove the power of social media marketing as a key performance driver. The conference results from the cooperation between HEC Paris Marketing Professors and the HEC Paris Marketing Thinktank, a group of HEC Paris alumni. Together interested in advancing marketing practice through state-of-the-art research insights. The conference is organized to act as a platform for exchange and cooperation.
The aim for the closing debate is to come up with a list of most pressing issues that will be concretely used to direct HEC research projects.