18 mars 2016

GREGHEC Workshop - Decision Making under Time and Uncertainty

  • A workshop organised by GREGHEC (HEC Paris & CNRS), the Economics and Decision Sciences Department Seminar, HEC Paris, and the Décision, Rationalité et Interaction (DRI) group of the IHPST (DEC-ENS Ulm, Paris 1, CNRS), with the support of the Labex EcoDec.
  • Date : 18/03/2016
  • Lieu : Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris - 29 Rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris Salle Jean Jaurès
  • Nous contacter : beauchampSPAMFILTER@hec.fr

Decision over time and decision under uncertainty have been studied under two separate streams of literature. Time is generally studied through its impact on outcomes, most standardly under the discounted utility model (Samuelson 1937). The benchmark account of decision under uncertainty, the subjective expected utility model (Savage 1954), is tailored for situations where outcomes are received immediately.

In real life however, time and uncertainty are intimately connected. When deciding under uncertainty, consequences are received in the more or less distant future; the future is intrinsically uncertain. A growing stream of empirical and theoretical literature focuses on interactions between time and uncertainty, investigating questions such as: Is the utility function the same in intertemporal choice and decision under uncertainty? Does uncertainty impact impatience? Does the timing of resolution or payment impact attitudes towards uncertainty? Is deciding about time the same as deciding about other attributes such as money?

The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on these issues, in both theoretical and experimental perspectives, and to foster discussion and exchange.

Participation in the workshop is free, but registration is compulsory.

Please contact Nathalie Beauchamp (beauchamp@hec.fr) but not later than Monday 7th March if you would like to attend but have not yet registered.

Logo GREGHEC Workshop 2016


9h00-9h30 Welcome Coffee

Chair: Emmanuel Kemel

9h30-10h15 Daniel Read (Warwick), Time Matters Less When Outcomes Differ: Uni-Modal versus Cross-Modal Comparisons in Intertemporal Choice.

10h15-11h Alain Chateauneuf (PSE and IPAG), About Delay Aversion (w/ Lorenzo Bastianello).

Coffee Break

11h30-12h15 Peter Wakker (Erasmus), The Rich Domain of Ambiguity Explored Using Temporal Outcomes (w/ Zhihua Li, Julia Müller, Tong V. Wang).

12h15-13h Ayse Onçuler (ESSEC), When Two Negatives Make a Positive in: Sources of Ambiguity in Intertemporal Choice (w/ Yuanyuan Liu and Timothy Heath).

Lunch Chair: Brian Hill

14h30-15h15 Kirsten Rohde (Erasmus), Weighted Temporal Utility (w/ Anke Gerber).

15h15-16h Manel Baucells (Darden), Probability and Time Trade-off: Theory, Applications, and Challenges (w/ Silvia Bellezza, Nikolay Osadchiy, and Anton Ovchinnikov).

Coffee Break

16h30-17h15 Emmanuel Kemel (HEC), Attitudes Towards Delayed Resolution of Uncertainty (w/ Mohammed Abdellaoui, Enrico Diecidue and Ayse Onçuler).

17h15-18h David Dillenberger (UPenn), Group-Shift and the Consensus Effect (w/ Collin Raymond).