The central idea is to teach managers how to learn, how to develop learning capabilities. But teaching managers efficiently is only possible after gaining their approval and confidence. To this end, it is crucial to understand that managers are no longer students: they need tailor-made executive education, which takes into account their practical experience and everyday needs.

The book’s 9 chapters cover fundamental issues such as “managers and decision-making: from research to training”, “from individual training to learning organizations” and “from management to philosophy”.

Eventually, it transpires that research in management can greatly contribute to training managers… and conversely!

Professor Moingeon’s page
Bertrand Moingeon is Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean for Executive Education at HEC Paris. He is the author or co-author of around 40 publications on strategic management and organizational learning.

In his latest book, « Peut-on former les dirigeants ? » (“Can we train managers?”), co-written with HEC Professors, he questions the familiar assertion that managers 'know it all'. After discussing the idea, the authors try to determine how to help managers to reinvent themselves in a changing world.